Expatriates set to welcome Australian health care reforms -
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Expatriates set to welcome Australian health care reforms

Far-reaching plans to reform the Australian dental system have been put forward by the government’s National Health and Hospitals Reform System.

With the country remaining one of the most popular destinations for British expatriates, the committee has outlined its intentions to rollout universal dental services – to be named ‘Denticare’ – across the country.

Central to these plans will be the establishment of a European-style system of ‘social insurance’, spelling good news for those Britons living in Australia who currently rely on expatriate health insurance.

Announcing the initiative, South Australian health minister John Mill noted that the government needs to act now to deal with the likely health care challenges set to be posed by the country’s ageing population.

"We have to increase supply, that means building more hospital beds and more emergency departments . . . and we have to reduce demand, and the only way to do that is to stop people getting crook by promoting healthy lifestyles, prevention measures and chronic disease management," he said.

At the start of this month, it was reported that British expatriate women enjoy higher average life expectancy levels than those who stay in the UK.

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