Expatriates 'likely to travel despite duty rises' -
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Expatriates 'likely to travel despite duty rises'

Those expatriates hoping to travel between their home and the UK are unlikely to be discouraged by an increase in Air Passenger Duty, says an aviation expert.

Cait Weston, policy and communications officer at the Aviation Environment Federation, said: "Government forecasts suggest that passenger numbers will increase from 228 million per annum in 2005 to 450 million per year by 2030."

This is in comparison with a projected figure of 455 million without the increase in costs, she added.

According to Ms Weston, the environmental impact of air travel is growing as technology fails to develop at the same rate as consumer demand.

"Price signals, alongside other measures such as minimum technology standards and controls on airport expansion, can play an important part in helping people to make the right choices and bringing aviation within sustainable limits," she said.

A recent report from Mintel featured in Travel Weekly, found a family of four flying outside Europe in premium economy seats with extra legroom will face an increased duty bill of £480 to £680 from November next year.


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