Expatriates in Asia are 'best paid', survey indicates -
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Expatriates in Asia are 'best paid', survey indicates

Countries in Asia offer the best pay for expatriate workers, a survey indicates.

According to HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey, between a third and a quarter of all expatriates working in Hong Kong, Thailand, India and the United Arab Emirates earn an annual pay package of over $200,000 (£122,700), a fact that could entice more UK citizens to emigrate.

The statistics represent the details of more than 3,000 expatriates living in 26 countries worldwide, many of whom may hold international medical cover.

Paul Say, head of marketing and communications for HSBC Bank International, told Reuters: "We have seen some interesting trends in terms of how expats are reacting to the credit crunch.

"Over half the expats surveyed are actually earning $100,000 and over – no mean feat, particularly in the current climate."

Many expatriates reported that they have cut luxury spending since the credit crunch hit, with 53 per cent living in Japan avoiding splashing out.

In related news, Turkey could be a good location to emigrate to after reporting a 65 per cent in mortgage applications in the first five months of 2009, World First reports.

Britons headed for the Mediterranean may first want to take out expatriate insurance.

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