Expatriates in Abu Dhabi get to save more -
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Expatriates in Abu Dhabi get to save more

British expatriates and locals resident in Abu Dhabi are spending much less than they are earning, leaving them lots of savings.

Expat families, on average, take home Dh 24,400 but only spend around Dh 13,783, says economic expert Dr Khalid Al Dasouky, the Khaleej Times has reported.

Dr Al Dasouky, a researcher of the country’s department of economic development, explained there are many similarities between how expatriates and locals manage their money.

Expenditure on food, drink, smoking, rental housing, maintenance, transport and communications is similar in both communities, he said.

Expatriates spend around 16.6 per cent of their income on transport and communications, while locals spend 18.9 per cent.

However, there is some difference in the amounts spent on clothing. Expatriates only give up seven per cent of their salary to buy new outfits, while locals are happy to fork out almost double (13 per cent).

Expatriates do spend more on healthcare, the researcher claimed.

Abu Dhabi is one of seven emirates that together form the United Arab Emirates.

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