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Expatriate Insurance News: Dubai announces workers' rights project

Overseas medical insurance customers working in Dubai are set to have their rights protected by new federal regulation.

The National reports that a joint project between the UN's International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the emirate's Ministry of Labour will help to regulate the significant number of recruitment agencies that are in operation there.

It will also provide a standard for the procedures of private agencies, while allowing the government to monitor business activities.

Labour affairs executive director Humaid bin Deemas told the newspaper that such legislation will define the role of the ministry, the employer and the agency when it comes to expatriate workers.

"We consider recruitment agencies the main gate for our labour market, and it would serve as a safety valve if we are able to manage and regulate them," he explained, adding that the government is committed to ensuring that this gateway is "not the entry point for any form of exploitation" of foreign workers.

The newspaper also reports that representatives of the UAE and the ILO have been in talks to discuss the setting up of an expatriate worker pension fund to guarantee that overseas employees would receive their end-of-service benefits.

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