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Expatriate Healthcare News: Expats look to UAE for better opportunities

An increasing number of expatriates from Europe are looking towards the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for more stability and better opportunities, it is thought.

According to a local firm, DAMAC Properties, there is more money being invested in that part of the world than there has been previously.

This is due to expats from Britain and other parts of Europe shying away from destinations such as Spain and Portugal.

According to Eurostat, unemployment in the eurozone dipped to records levels in September, making countries further afield seem more appealing.

Instead, many expats looking for a better quality of life are heading to the likes of Dubai, where things seem to be more stable.

This has led to more investment from Europe, as people decide to move their money to somewhere which they see as a secure environment.

Niall McLoughlin, senior vice president of DAMAC Properties, said: "We have seen a significant increase in clients from Europe looking to improve their standard of living and benefit from the tax-free incomes on offer in Dubai."

The government in the UAE has become aware of the trend and is doing what it can to capitalise on the influx of expats to the country.

It has recently announced large amounts of investment in order to boost expansion in Dubai, therefore making it even more tempting for foreigners to live there.

The property market in Dubai has strengthened considerably recently and is expected to continue to do so, which has brought back momentum to the jobs market.

When all of these factors are brought together it is no small wonder that more and more people are deciding to make the move further away from home.

There is a good expat community in Dubai and with money able to go further, as well as increased economic stability, it is a sensible choice.

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