Expatriate Healthcare News: British 'are most enthusiastic about relocating abroad' -
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Expatriate Healthcare News: British 'are most enthusiastic about relocating abroad'

Overseas medical insurance policyholders originally hailing from Britain are much more enthusiastic than any other nationality when purchasing property abroad, an industry expert has said.

Nigel Lewis, head of content at the Digital Property Group, explained that the passion for overseas home buying is 50 years old and while expatriate health insurance customers from Germany have tried to match their British counterparts, the latter have been more enthusiastic about relocating abroad.

There are around two million British citizens who have taken up the expatriate lifestyle, he pointed out.

"Obviously that is a mixture of business people working overseas in places like Singapore, but the majority are people who have retired or have holiday homes and live overseas for parts of the year."

Mr Lewis's comments come in light of a report from the Worldwide Property Group, which found that interest in purchasing foreign property is at its highest level since April, with almost three-quarters (72 per cent) of those questioned believing that now is the right time to invest.

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