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Expatriate Health Insurance News: The debate over when to fly home

Once you have relocated to a new country there are lots of issues to get your head around and one such situation is when it is appropriate to fly home.

In a recent article for BBC America, one expatriate suggests five scenarios when you should return to the UK and another five when you shouldn't.

While it is useful to get guidance from other people in similar predicaments, the final decision falls with the individual in question and it is often good advice to follow your gut.

Funerals and weddings are obvious occasions when an expat may wish to return to the UK and it is important to make the right choice.

Think about what the deceased or soon to be married person means to you and how you would feel missing out on such an important event.

Even those who have settled well into their new life abroad can find themselves feeling homesick if they miss out on big occasions.

Such family events also see a lot of people coming together so it can be a good opportunity to catch up with everybody at the same time. Think about the support that others need and whether you can supply it.

Weighing up the cost of the airfare and being able to take time off work against the importance of the event to you is vital.

Wishing that you hadn't spent the cash is not a good way to think about trips back home. In terms of weddings it is also important to plan ahead.

These things often come grouped together and after one invitation arrives you can suddenly find yourself being asked to attend three or four nuptials.

You will not be able to return home for all of them so decide which is the most vital to attend. The last thing you want to do is upset people by going to an acquaintance's wedding and not a close friend's.

There are occasions when you really shouldn't fly home, however. These include when you are homesick as this is simply running away from the problem, which will still be there when you get back.

It is much better to address the issue and only go home once you feel happy in your new life. This means you will be excited about returning to your new country, as opposed to giving yourself a feeling of dread.

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