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Expatriate Health Insurance News: Expats moving to Australia aim for top jobs

The majority of expatriates moving to Australia are targeting the very top jobs in the country, a new survey has found.

According to research carried out by the Australia Forum, which interviewed 1,001 people on the subject, 34 per cent are looking to gain a household income of at least AU$100,000 (£67,600).

Since the average individual income in the UK is £26,500, it shows that earning potential in Australia is much higher for those prepared to relocate.

A further 30 per cent of expats were hoping to achieve somewhere in the region of AU$80,000 and AU$100,000.

It is thought that this trend is in response to struggling European and American economies, which cannot offer such benefits to the top talent, so it is going elsewhere with Australia a popular choice.

Moving to the country for a better standard of living is not a new thing, but in the past it has been the sunshine and the attitude towards work as opposed to the salary which have been the deciding factors.

Bob Sheth, of the Australia Forum, said: "Despite the fact there is a recession in Europe and the USA is still struggling it seems that it is full speed ahead for the Australian employment market.

"Indeed of the top five voting expat groups it was only those from the United Arab Emirates who set their sights a little lower at between AU$80,000 and AU$100,000."

Since the Australian government has a strict policy in terms of skilled workers it is no surprise that those choosing to relocate are the ones with recognisable expertise in their areas.

But not everyone is keen on the influx of expats, no matter how skilled they are, as the unions suggest that the domestic workforce is being overlooked as a result.

While the government maintains such skilled workers are needed from abroad, the unions say that it leaves Australians without the chance to compete for the top jobs.

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