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Expatriate Health Insurance News: Expats in UAE see country of origin determining salary less

One of the major differences in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) post-recession is that country of origin is having less of an impact on the levels of salaries paid.

It used to be the case that expatriates from Western nations often found they received better pay than those from Asian countries regardless of qualifications and experience.

Now experts in the recruitment industry say that pay hikes for professionals are becoming much more orientated around performance.

The pay gap between Western and Asian expats is now decreasing and a level playing field is being created, according to the latest report published by The Cost of Living Middle East.

Rebecca Wilson, head of analysis at the organisation, said: "As nice as it would be to declare that it is because we have attained a more benevolent social utopia within the corporate world, it is due to the unwavering global economic forces coming into play, and the fact that the recession in the developed world has simply outlasted the recession in the developing world.

"The bigger they are, the harder they fall."

She went on to point out that there are some developing economies, like that of India, that are experiencing sustained growth rates and therefore require more qualified labour.

With more opportunities at home, these professionals are less likely to emigrate to the UAE, meaning those who do can command a higher salary.

"The empirical proof of this is all around us. We're more frequently seeing Westerners working in bars, restaurants and retail chains and, reciprocally, we are seeing more Asians in the office environment than ever before," Ms Wilson added.

This does not mean that professional Brits thinking of moving to the UAE for a spell will not find plenty of opportunities.

It just means that they are more likely to need to prove their worth through their skills and expertise than ever before.

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