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Expatriate Health Insurance News: Edward Snowden to live as expat in Russia

Having lived for more than a month in Moscow Airport, the US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden has been granted asylum in Russia for a year.

Wanted for trial in the US over leaks relating to details of the National Security Agency's collection of phone records and Prism programme, he has been seeking asylum from a number of South American countries.

In the end it is President Vladimir Putin's country that has granted him refuge, refusing to extradite him to the US as long as he does not leak any more information.

Much of the data he had was handed over to WikiLeaks while he was in Hong Kong immediately after the revelations.

This is likely to be published as there is no way for it to be revoked, but will not breach the terms agreed with Russia over the matter of asylum.

Now he will start to build his life in the nation as an expatriate, just as anybody who moves to a new country must.

His lawyer Anatoly Kucherena released details of his plans in the wake of his departure from the airport at 2pm local time yesterday (August 1st).

Snowden will live with fellow American expats for the period in which he is looking for his own apartment to rent, then go about trying to find a job.

Mr Kucherena said: "He needs to work. He is not a rich man, and the money that he had, he has of course, spent on food.

"Snowden is an expert, a very high-level expert and I am receiving letters from companies and citizens who would eagerly give him a job. He will not have any problems." 

One of the job offers comes from a Russian social networking site, which is used by the majority of the country's citizens, where his skills could be put to good use.

The Snowden case is seeing links between Russia and the US become particularly strained, but President Barack Obama is due to visit Moscow next month, when the issue is bound to be raised.

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