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Expatriate Health Insurance News: Canadian online visa service presents hiccups for Brits

Brits wishing to move to Canada have found that the new online visa service set up by the country is proving a problem for many.

The announcements made on the website are sending many potential expatriates into a state of confusion over how to navigate the process, reports iExpats.com.

One of the biggest issues seems to be timing, as applicants from the UK are being told that requests can be dealt with from nine o'clock in the morning.

Due to the time difference between Canada and the UK, this actually equates to five o'clock in the afternoon for Brits.

The immigration rules put in place in the country have changed multiple times in recent months and more amendments are expected to be made soon.

According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), May will see a number of announcements made in relation to its closed skilled worker programme.

These will involve information on a cap on the number of visas made available, priority occupations being changed and which organisations are accredited for educational assessments.

CIC has also issued a number of warnings that potential expats should heed when trying to process their visa applications and gain work in Canada.

It suggests that there are fraudsters operating scams in which they take money from foreigners to help with the processes, but no services are delivered in return.

Marriages of convenience are also an increasing problem for the authorities, who have now imposed tougher criteria on spouses seeking permanent residence.

They must live with their husband or wife for 24 months after being granted the status and are prohibited from sponsoring anyone else for five years.

Jason Kenney, immigration and multiculturalism minister, told the news provider: "The government is constantly looking at how to improve the immigration system to cut out abuses.

"Canada welcomes hard-working newcomers who play by the immigration rules, but the government will stop anyone trying to con their way in to the country without going through the normal immigration channels."

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