Expat women happier with their own visas, suggests report -
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Expat women happier with their own visas, suggests report

Expatriate women who are working with their own visa are happier than those residing on the visa of a partner, a report has found.

Online community the European Professional Women’s Network (EPWN) interviewed expatriate women and discovered 81 per cent with their own visas were happy, compared with less than half (41 per cent) of those reliant on their partner’s documentation.

EPWN’s research revealed that 24 per cent of women who followed their partner overseas were dissatisfied with their professional life.

However, of the women who made the decision themselves, less than one in ten (eight per cent) said they were unhappy.

"These findings clearly show that we should stop assuming that all women expats are alike and recognise the differences among the groups," says Mirella Visser, EPWN president.

An earlier survey by Expatica showed the number of women living expatriate lives happy with their working conditions has tripled.

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