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Expat in despair over road-hogging cyclists

An expatriate blogger has expressed her dismay over the "unwanted eyeful" provided by lycra-clad cyclists.

Writing from her home in Majorca for the Daily Telegraph, British writer Anna Nicholas complained about the number of leisure cyclists flocking to the island from all over Europe.

Describing her encounter with a group of cyclists while driving along the Deia to Soller mountain road, Ms Nicholas said: "Like a row of frenzied giant grasshoppers they hogged the road, causing an enormous tailback on my side and infuriated, horn-bashing drivers on the other."

She explained that this was "by no means an isolated incident" and went on to articulate her chagrin over the riders’ clothing, which she described as resembling a disco strobe light.

"I don’t hold with the notion that cars should be king of the road but I do expect a little courtesy from our brightly-coloured cyclist visitors. Is it really too much to ask?" Ms Nicholas concluded.

According to Majorcacyclying.com, American and European pro-cyclists choose to train on the island due to its varied terrain and low traffic.

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