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Expat health insurance news: Expats raise Swiss safety fears

Expats are becoming worried that there has been a drop in safety levels in and around Geneva, a report claims.

The Telegraph reports that a recent survey suggested a third of expats believe there has been a "substantial deterioration" of safety in the city in the past few years.

The study, conducted by the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the United Nations and the Geneva Police, also found that more people believed there had been a slight worsening of safety levels in the city.

A worker at the British Chamber of Commerce in the city, Michael McKay, told the news provider: "It is generally a safe city and we have seen a real increase in police and security staff around the dangerous areas, like the train stations."

The survey also found that high property prices affect those choosing to live in the city. However, news provider Coffee Today reports that the city's property prices have driven up demand in nearby rural locations where owners can commute into the city.

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