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Expat health insurance news: Expat property service launched

A new service specifically designed to help expats and foreign nationals find a property in the UK has been launched.

The service, ExpatFindAProperty, is designed to offer a range of services for those individuals searching for a property.

Erica Evans, director of the new site, said that the new site will help buyers in ways that estate agents cannot do, because they are working for the vendor rather than the buyer.

Overseas buyers may be wise to have a buyer's agent to fight for their interests throughout the stages of a property deal, the company suggested.

Ms Evans said that the new service will offer more localised price information than is typically freely available.

"Average prices can hide a multitude of sins, as an average cannot give a buyer an accurate picture of what is happening in a narrow postcode range," she said.

She added that the new service is designed to help expatriate buyers compare values without necessarily visiting properties themselves.

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