Expat Brits in Malta offered discount gold card -

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Expat Brits in Malta offered discount gold card

Expatriate Brits who have settled in Malta are being offered a discount card giving them money-off deals.

The local expatriate community website ExpatsMalta.com has joined forces with MaltaGold to launch a discount card just for the expatriate community, the Malta Independent Online reports.

With the card come invites to events as well as discounts on shopping, food, wine and entertainment.

"There is also a special corporate offer to companies who can buy the card for their staff at a reduced cost," ExpatsMalta’s managing director Will Leader told the news provider.

Card owners will be able to keep informed of new events via the website.

ExpatsMalta’s events manager Nadia Berkoun hopes that the new community of socialites will generate interest among the business community.

"Also, with the average expat salary being more than double a local wage, we are an extremely attractive group for local advertisers," she explained.

The Maltese government is introducing new measures to help clean up the island for expatriates and the local community.

The Times of Malta reports the country’s resources ministry has established five civic amenity centres and increased the number of bins.

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