Europe's expat locations still attracting Brits, say currency experts. -

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Europe's expat locations still attracting Brits, say currency experts.

Destinations that have previously drawn expatriates are still popular today, says the Midlands Co-op Travel company.

The firm has noted that UK families are still spending in the Eurozone even though the value of the pound has fallen.

Its spokesperson acknowledged that weakening rates are drawing families more toward long-haul travel, although the most common expat sites are still proving popular.

"We have seen an increase in interest in non-euro destinations like Bulgaria, Morocco, Egypt and Turkey, which offer better exchange rates," she said.

"However, traditional tried and tested European destinations are still very popular – particularly with families."

Of the far-flung destinations favoured by Brits, Thailand has seen the sharpest increase in visitor numbers, according to figures compiled by flight portal Skyscanner.

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