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Estonia ranked number one for ‘digital life abroad’

According to InterNations, the biggest online expatriate community’s brand new Digital Life Abroad Report, Estonia is the best country in the world for expats when it comes to being digital.

The survey that has been conducted this year for the first time has established the best and worst countries for living a connected life by measuring a country’s ability to deliver digital needs to the expats that live there. Estonia soared straight to the top above Finland, Norway, Denmark and New Zealand.


Why Estonia came top

Estonia came top of the 68 countries due to its unlimited access to internet services such as social media, making it an excellent country for digital nomads. 96% of expats praised the access to online services and the majority stated it couldn’t get much better.

Estonia is ahead of the game when it comes to government services online, which is another reason why they ranked above the rest. As well as being the first nation in history to offer internet voting in nationwide elections they also have several other impressive e-solutions that are available to all residents such as e-Tax, Digital ID, e-Health, x-Road and many others.

It also makes paying without cash extremely easy which in today’s society counts for a lot, therefore also contributing to its position in the rankings. You can seamlessly pay by card at all shops, cinemas, supermarkets and on all buses, trams and trains.

Even though they have been named the most advanced digital society in the world they don’t show any signs of slowing down with plenty of plans to move basic services into digital mode and continue building e-Estonia.


Other reasons to consider living in Estonia

Not only is it digitally advanced but it also has a high quality of family life according to the annual Expat Insider survey of which Estonia made its first appearance in this year. The cost of education and family well-being were two of the primary factors that made it rank so highly.

More and more expats are settling in Estonia due to its clean, safe and digitally aware environment. Moving to this European country has got easier with the new expat centre in Tallinn that provides free personal consultations for foreigners in order to offer them information about settling in, documentation, healthcare and more.

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