Emirates 'healthier after economic difficulties' -
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Emirates 'healthier after economic difficulties'

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has benefited from the recent period of economic uncertainty, says expert.

Carole Spiers, writing for Gulf News says the Emirates have emerged in a better condition than before.

Ms Spiers notes the days of the "gold-rush gang" – those European emigrants who were only after money – have passed.

"I am not sorry to see the end of those days and the newly competitive environment is now healthy, leaner and fitter, as a result," she commented.

The UAE has suffered as construction contracts dried up due to a lack of available credit.

Recent changes have also revealed "changes in the image and self-image of expatriates" living in the region, says Ms Spiers.

In related news, the UAE has agreed to improve working conditions for expatriates from India who make up much of the emirates’ labour force.


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