EC hopes to improve Baltic transport links -
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EC hopes to improve Baltic transport links

Brits considering moving to live as an expatriate in the Baltic states could benefit from a decision to provide funding for the region’s transport links.

The European Commission (EC) has suggested the construction of Rail Baltica, a network of rail links running between Estonia and Poland and could offer up to €50 billion (£43 billion) for the initiative.

European Union (EU) money could also be awarded to help reduce the level of pollution in the Baltic Sea.

Countries in which British expatriates live that border the Baltic Sea and could benefit from the cash injection include Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Russia and Germany.

Regional policy commissioner Danuta Huebner is confident that the EU is "well placed to coordinate the work that needs to be done".

Despite there being no frontier controls between the European countries, the EU still advises people to carry passports when travelling across Europe.

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