Eating chocolate 'could reduce expatriate medical insurance claims' -
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Eating chocolate 'could reduce expatriate medical insurance claims'

Those with chocolate cravings may not feel so guilty about their indulgence after hearing certain varieties of the sweet treat could have health benefits.

According to membership organisation The Chocolate Society, eating a few squares of good quality dark chocolate can be a boost for the body – perhaps reducing numbers of expat insurance claims.

The society’s commercial manager Barry Chung suggests benefits could include the reduction of cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure, aided by the production of nitric oxide.

He noted that chocolate also contains "vitamin E equivalent" serotonin, which gives tasters an "instantaneous buzz".

His comments follow the publication of a new study by European Dermatology London revealing a specially produced chocolate bar could protect the skin from UV rays.

Not yet available for general consumption, the modified chocolate contained exceptionally high flavanol levels, which occur naturally in cocoa beans.

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