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'Easy' to become an expatriate in Egypt

People looking to move abroad may want to become an expatriate in Egypt because of the country’s property market, according to a website.

BuyAssociation has said that the housing market in Egypt has been experiencing annual growth of between 20 and 30 per cent and the only reason people are not moving there is due to a lack of marketing.

Andrew Williamson, a spokesperson for Amberlamb, said: "Egypt has been far less affected by the sheer hype of overseas property ownership that is now having a significant effect on oversold, over promoted markets such as Bulgaria."

Expatriates moving from the UK can benefit from the country’s attractive scenery and the fact that most Egyptian properties have had its prices in sterling, according to Mr Williamson.

"The majority Egyptian property has had its prices fixed in UK sterling therefore remains free from the problem of the falling pound and the strengthening euro felt across other more popular Brit destinations," he added.

Properties in Egypt are highly affordable starting from little over £20,000, according to Amberlamb.

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