Earlier recession was no barrier to our expatriate life, says Brit. -
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Earlier recession was no barrier to our expatriate life, says Brit.

One British expatriate says it was the previous recession that helped him take the plunge and begin an expatriate life in Spain.

Vernon Hall told the Telegraph his family moved to the Costa Blanca in 1994 amid the previous economic downturn and were welcomed by local residents.

"Everyone was pleased to see us – customers were a scarce commodity at that time," he told the paper.

In buying his house and moving to his new expatriate life he believes he helped create work for many people in the vicinity: "And 15 years later we still see many of them," he said.

Mr Hall advises would-be expatriates to make the effort to mix with their new neighbours and to pay for tuition fees, as it will help develop new skills.

Spain is a much-favoured expatriate destination, as is Portugal, which according to the official British consul website, welcomes 1.5 million visitors every year.

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