Dubai job opportunities expo cancelled -
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Dubai job opportunities expo cancelled

People looking for jobs in Dubai through the Opportunities Gulf States Expo 2009 in London are set to be disappointed.

According to Shelter Offshore, the event has been cancelled because of the global economic climate.

Dubai seems to be suffering much like the rest of the world in the current global climate, despite impressions that it is business as usual.

Shelter Offshore said: "Dubai is doing itself no favours at this point in time by failing to issue any particularly positive data about the progress the government is making and its plans for the future, about the success (or otherwise) of companies based in Dubai and how over GFP is being impacted."

The website advises that people who are still determined to find a job in the city can do so, providing they are "prepared to work at it".

Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, although only 17 per cent of its inhabitants actually come from the country.

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