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Which Country Should You Retire To in 2018?

International Living revealed their best places to retire in the world at the start of this year. Their Annual Global Retirement Index analyses countries based on a wide variety of criteria, including residency options, cost of living, climate and property options. Transport, local governance and internet connectivity are also taken into consideration.

10th  – Peru

With a low cost of living and 1,500 miles of unspoilt coastline from Ecuador to Chile, Peru is a popular choice for expats this year. It is easy to obtain residency and, whilst there is not a large expat community, many befriend locals and fit Who win easily with the relaxed South American way of life.

Most retiree expat couples tend to spend around £900 on necessities, including rent. Due to the questionable public healthcare service, most expats invest in private healthcare insurance to benefit from the network of private clinics and hospitals.

9th – Spain

One considered the retirement destination for British and Scandinavian expats, Spain settles in ninth place in 2018. The desirable warm climate, beautiful coastline and relaxed lifestyle will forever make the country a fantastic place to retire.

Spain’s popularity means there is already an extensive expat community in the country, making it very easy for newbies to settle in seamlessly. Furthermore, the state healthcare system is championed and available to expats.

8th – Nicaragua

Stunning Nicaragua blesses retirees with a tropical climate and low-cost living. It’s dramatic terrain and landscapes make it an adventurous retirement location and particularly suits those who want an outdoors lifestyle.

Many retirees currently living in the country enjoy living in Nicaragua because it ‘is different enough to be interesting, but not so different as to be bizarre.’

7th – Portugal

The highest rated country in Europe for retirees, Portugal has a year-round warm climate and welcoming people. Many retirees head the golden shores as the Portuguese tax system is one of the most generous in Europe.

Expats can opt for public or private healthcare and both are affordable and of a fantastic standard. Most expats choose to rent in Portugal and properties can be easily secured and prices are much cheaper than other European countries.

6th – Colombia

Safety levels in Colombia have improved in recent years and it has become an unlikely contender as a retiree destination. Despite being near the equator, the country has a variety of different climates depending on altitude and distance from the coast. Despite this, Colombia has a tropical weather system on the hole.

With gorgeous beaches and mountains, affordable properties and a low cost of living, who couldn’t imagine life in the South American country?

5th – Malaysia

The people of Malaysia are warm and friendly and love to mix with expats and are helpful to those who have recently retired in the country. Retirees who receive a state pension will find it goes much further in Malaysia than their home country and the country is economically and politically stable.

Whilst the weather, natural beauty and safety are inevitable draws for retirees, the delicious food is definitely high on perks list too!

4th – Ecuador

Particularly popular with North Americans, Ecuador has exploded onto the scene as a retiree destination. The wonderful culture and natural beauty lead to an outdoor and social lifestyle that many retirees revel in.

Great healthcare and a low cost of living are attractive benefits. Also, the fact that many Ecuadorians speak English makes life easier for many expats who are struggling to pick up Spanish!

3rd – Panama

Sunny, warm, and welcoming – Panama is a dream for expats. Many assume the country to be little more than Third World. However, with modern hospitals with English speaking doctors training in the U.S. or Canada, expat retirees feel in safe hands.

The country also has a generous pensionado visa programme geared towards U.S. retirees. They can receive a lifetime benefit of at least $1,000 in the form of a private pension, Social Security, or annuity.

2nd – Mexico

The low cost of living in Mexico entices many retirees to the sun-drenched country. Couples can live comfortably on as little as £1,000 (this figure includes rent and healthcare) outside of the cities.

Mexico provides residents with free long distance calls and fast internet to ensure families stay connected wherever they are in the world.

1st – Costa Rica

Whilst Costa Rica may not be the cheapest of the top 10, it has hit the number one spot. The unofficial moto of the country is pura vida, which translates to ‘pure life’. If this is a way of life that appeals to you, retiring in Costa Rica could be a consideration.

Costa Rica truly has something for everyone: a year-round tropical climate, Caribbean beaches, modern cities, quiet rural areas, Pacific coastline and jungle clad mountains. It is undoubtedly a location for retirees who enjoy the outdoors and socialising.

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