Cost of flying in Spain 'will reduce in 2010' -
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Cost of flying in Spain 'will reduce in 2010'

The Spanish government has announced it will freeze airport taxes from 2010.

Spain’s minister for public works José Blanco has said the move was devised to help stimulate the economy.

In a further initiative, the minister said discounts, which currently apply to travellers to the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands and Melilla, will be increased to 30 per cent.

However, his announcement was not welcomed by one opposition member. Francisco Alaya of the People’s Party insisted that the government’s initiative was too late and should have been introduced this year.

Mr Alaya also noted it is discriminatory to apply the taxes just to selected islands. The reductions should be 50 per cent and apply to all territories not connected to the mainland, a post on reported he said.

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