Communication tools to help expats cope with isolation -
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Communication tools to help expats cope with isolation

Years ago, the only means by which friends and family could keep in contact was by means of hand-written letters. Business travelling used to mean giving up communication with family for a few days. Communication by email was the next step, but now, with social media tools at our fingertips, every expat can maintain a social life with everyone anywhere in the world. 
Homesickness and isolation is a problem that nearly every expat will face. They are thrown into a new home abroad and finding your feet can take some time. Fear of the unknown and being alone can be extremely stressful, and maintaining relationships with people back home can be more comforting than you may think. 

Using the landline to make calls used to be the only option and a very expensive one at that. Although they can be made from anywhere to anywhere at any time, the cost per minute can be extortionate. This would only limit how much time you actually spend connecting with your loved ones. 

Today there are a number of Voice over Internet Protocols and Internet based telephone systems at our fingertips. They offer us free and cheap calls back home. Skype is arguably the most popular for any communication overseas. It

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