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Clarification on free healthcare for Valencia expats

Valencia’s government has confirmed changes to healthcare arrangements for its expatriate community.

The UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office has published details of the scheme, which will be in operation from the end of this month (October 2009).

The plan is designed to help those not already entitled to free healthcare, as anyone working in Spain or receiving benefits should already be covered.

Pensioners planning to retire in Spain are advised to obtain an E121 document, which will guarantee the same protection given to Spanish nationals.

Early retirees should register for an E106 and take their certificates to a local Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social.

UK officials advise that healthcare entitlements abroad may not be the same as on the NHS and suggest expats consider taking out private insurance to avoid paying later for some treatments or services.

Anyone still receiving care under the old scheme will have 20 days between November 1st and 21st to apply for cover.

As their details are already on the system, these expats will not need to present any supporting information.

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