Cheaper flights between Australia and New Zealand 'could be announced' -
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Cheaper flights between Australia and New Zealand 'could be announced'

It is expected that a new agreement between Australia and New Zealand could lower the price of flights between the two countries.

British expatriates hoping to fly from one country to the other and travellers keen to further explore the South Pacific may be able to enjoy more relaxed immigration procedures and fewer customs checks.

The plans are due to be announced today in a joint press conference held by the two countries’ leaders.

Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd and the New Zealand premier John Key are expected to reveal government-related charges such as the departure tax will be scrapped.

To further ease travel, planes could also soon land at domestic airports, when currently they have to fly into international terminals.

British expatriates after the Second World War enjoyed cheap fares to Australia. Known as the ‘ten pound poms’, Brits looking for a new life abroad took advantage of tickets costing just £10.

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