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Cheaper calls 'will benefit' an expatriate

Plans to impose a cap on charges for sending text messages and receiving data by mobile phone while abroad have been welcomed by communications regulator Ofcom.

Elizabeth De Winton, communications manager at Ofcom, said that it is good news that government ministers will discuss proposals to cap the price of sending text messages while abroad, which can be costly for an expatriate.

"We welcome the Commission’s proposal to introduce a wholesale and a retail cap on text roaming. We also welcome moves to protect consumers from ‘bill shock’ when using data services abroad," she said.

Ms De Winton went on to say that plans to stop mobile phone companies from exploiting time spent on calls abroad are significant.

"In particular, Ofcom welcomes moves to tackle the practice of rounding up calls to the nearest minute for billing," she added.

Research by Ofcom revealed that seven out of ten people with a mobile phone and a landline use their mobile to make calls, even when they are at home.

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