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Charity offers support to pregnant expats

A new report has highlighted the importance of work done by a Belgian charity helping expatriate parents deliver children in an unfamiliar healthcare system.

Founded in 1978, the Brussels Childbirth Trust (BCT) is an English-speaking organisation offering a range of pre and post-natal support, information and social activities to migrant parents.

Speaking to Expatica Belgium, the trust’s president Tanya Byrne described the service as a "lifeline" for those new to the country.

"The activities on offer are definitely a stepping stone for mothers with pre-school children," she explained.

The publication added that having a child can raise many difficult questions even at home, but expatriate healthcare can be far more confusing.

Run entirely by volunteers, the BCT now has 1,200 members representing 60 different nationalities.

Based at the Imagine centre in Wezembeek-Oppem, the trust has 15 local groups in and around Brussels, while a telephone helpline and email service offers remote support.

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