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Canada more popular than ever, says jobs agency

Canada remains a favourite destination for expatriate Brits looking for work, an employment agency has claimed.

According to 3E Connect Direct, the recession has led more people to seek out an expatriate life in the country.

The firm’s co-founder, Ken Docherty says the country plans to welcome many new arrivals, something which will be made easier by its visa policy.

Mr Docherty says he is seeing a burgeoning interest from "skilled workers and professionals who want to connect directly with a Canadian employer in the hope of organising employment before making the big move."

He also claims the increase is partly due to other countries showing a reluctance to accept more immigrants.

There should be no shortage of employers in Canada looking to hire British expatriates says Mr Docherty, as the country still has a shortage of jobs in certain trades.

Canada remains part of the Commonwealth, has strong ties to the UK and the language spoken by the majority of its residents is English.

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