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Budget Travel: Where to Get the Best Value in 2016

It’s no secret that taking our annual holiday can be a sizeable investment, especially for families.

Statistics suggest that the average family of four, for example, spends an incredible £4792 for their two weeks away each year. We spend an average of £454 each on top of this holiday cost for eating out, entry to tourist destinations and so on.

Little wonder then that so many of us are on the look-out for budget travel options, where one can still enjoy a full-on holiday experience but without the exorbitant costs. Now, Lonely Planet has come to the rescue with their top recommendations for the best-value destinations.

Anyone already finding themselves daydreaming at work about next year’s escape could do a lot worse than considering these options. Not only will planning ahead afford you some significant discounts, but you can also feel confident that you’re heading to a country where your money will go the furthest.

So where are the cheapest destinations of 2016 likely to be?

#1 Estonia

Topping the charts for 2016 is this seldom-visited European gem. Interestingly, Estonia benefits from stunning beaches and huge swathes of wilderness ripe for hiking.

However don’t think that this will come at the cost of home comforts; it is considered a highly developed country with a healthy economy and strong communications network.

It is simply that Estonia has yet to enter most people’s consciousness as a travel destination that it offers such exceptional value right now. Go and be a trail blazer and see just how much Estonia, and its 2000+ islands, have to offer as a holiday destination.

#2 Vietnam

Vietnam is a country that has cropped up time and again in recent studies. It is reportedly a high quality expat destination that offers exceptional value-for-money.

Vietnam isn’t just cheap, however. It also benefits from an enviable climate, plenty of stunning scenery and some of the friendliest people on earth.

If you’ve looked longingly at trips to Thailand in the past but balked at the prices of such trips, it would be well worth while considering Vietnam for its South East Asian charm but without the premium prices or the beach-front crowds.

#3 East Africa

Lonely Planet reports that the entire African tourist economy has been weakened by the recent Ebola outbreak.

While many Western countries are still way off limit, the reality is that this knock-on effect has led to incredible bargains to the east of the country.

If you’ve ever dreamed of heading off on safari or trying your hand at white-water rafting down a raging African river then this may the best time in years to do just that.

#4 New Mexico

The sixth least densely populated state in the USA, New Mexico simply doesn’t attract the same numbers of tourists as many other areas. This is good news for budget-conscious travellers.

In many ways New Mexico is a mecca for outdoor pursuit enthusiasts. From mountain biking to rock climbing, from rafting to hiking, adventurous visitors can look forward to all manner of experiences, and all for much less than in neighbouring states.

#5 Bosnia and Hercegovina

This part of the world may be synonymous in many people’s minds with civil war, battle-damaged buildings and poverty, but in reality this version of Bosnia is rather anachronistic.

These days the fighting it over, the stunning medieval cities have largely been repaired and the exchange rate means that bargains come as standard for Western visitors.

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