Brits 'unsure of embassies' role' -
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Brits 'unsure of embassies' role'

British nationals are unclear what role the British Embassy has and how it can help them when they are abroad.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is hoping to clear up the situation as anecdotal evidence shows Brits make some odd requests on consuls abroad.

Juliet Maric, British consul in Alicante, Spain, explained that a consul can help if people have a serious problem but not if they need a taxi fare.

"We regularly get enquiries from people who think we’re a one-stop-shop for any problem they might encounter while abroad; this can be frustrating as we need to focus resources on the serious cases that we’re there to help with," she said.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office offers a resource for people about to move abroad as expatriates.

Its website also explains for which countries expatriates need to take out international health insurance.

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