British life 'too taxing', says Emin -
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British life 'too taxing', says Emin

Figurehead of London’s Young British Artist scene Tracey Emin is reportedly planning a move to France to escape the 50 per cent tax rate.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Emin criticised the UK government’s attitude towards artists and said she was "very seriously" considering the option of an expatriate lifestyle.

She continued by praising patronage of the arts across the Channel: "At least in France their politicians have always understood the importance of culture and they have traditionally helped out artists with subsidy and some tax advantages."

Announced in April’s Budget, the government says the new tax rate on earnings above £150,000 will raise revenue totalling £1.13 billion next year.

Emin, however, complained that the change would mean she was paying around 65p in every pound, if including National Insurance as well as income tax.

"The taxes are too high, there aren’t enough incentives to work hard and our politicians have put me off. We’re paying through the nose for everything," she added.

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