British Expats’ Love of Chocolate Comes Under Fire -
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British Expats’ Love of Chocolate Comes Under Fire

If there’s one thing the Brits love it’s their Cadbury’s chocolate. Persistently rated as one of the biggest things that British expats miss about home, you might be surprised to hear that many of these British favourites are in fact widely available in US stores. But there’s a problem, and it’s leading to legal disputes.

The disagreement surrounds US confectionary company Hershey’s, who own the US rights to many of the classic Cadbury favourites relished by Brits around the globe. Hershey’s of course don’t import Cadbury’s chocolate bars like KitKats into the States; instead they make their own version of the treats. This includes using their own chocolate recipe rather than the “real taste” of Cadbury chocolate, something that many Brits find takes some getting used to. The difference between Hershey’s and Cadbury’s chocolate is considerable according to sweet-toothed expats who long for the chocolate bars they grew up with in the UK.

This is the cause of problems for expats and retailers alike. While many stores stock classic British chocolate bars, they’re often not made quite to the original recipe, making them far less palatable than their original cousins to British expats.

Over the years then a strange counter-culture has grown up, with a number of companies now importing British classics into the States, for chocolate-loving expats to enjoy. In many cases the US equivalents get ignored while the imported chocolate bars are snapped up by Brits missing the taste of home. No longer do expats need to “compromise” on American-style chocolate; they can instead enjoy the taste of home whenever they wish.

Now, though, all this may be set to change. And British expats living in the USA aren’t happy about the way they could miss out on their favourite chocolate treats in the future.

Unsurprisingly, Hershey’s seem to have felt this importation of British chocolate in their bottom line, and have set out to try and quash the rebellion. According to sources, two of the biggest US-based importers of Cadbury’s chocolate bars have been served with papers, one losing in court and the other bowing out gracefully. Even a Facebook campaign has failed to change the minds of Hershey’s bosses who, to be fair, do legally own the rights to Cadbury’s confectionary in the States.

For now, it seems, British expats living in the USA will have to get used to going without their ”real” Cadbury treats, and will need to start getting used to Hershey’s own version of their favourites. After the recent legal tussles imports are likely to be thin on the ground making Hershey’s the only option freely available for the foreseeable future.

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