British expatriates watching electoral reform -
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British expatriates watching electoral reform

British expatriates in Australia are keeping an eye on the country’s current electoral reforms as they could affect their right to vote.

One Australian MP is asking for the current system to be changed so that expatriates holding UK passports who are not registered as citizens will no longer have a say in federal elections.

Daryl Melham believes only Australians should be able to vote and would like expatriates to apply for citizenship if they want to take part in the electoral process.

"It’s my view that the time has come that if you want to be a voter in this country you should take out citizenship," the Telegraph claims he said.

Australia has long been a favoured destination for Brits. Those who left the UK behind in the 1950s and 60s are often known as the ten-pound poms as the relocation service cost just ten pounds.

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