British expatriates 'should be aware of potential tax changes' -
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British expatriates 'should be aware of potential tax changes'

British expatriates who decide to settle in Egypt should be aware the country is about to review its taxation system.

The Egyptian government is attempting to reform the country’s finances and tax revenue is one way it can raise money, the MoveChannel has reported.

Property will face new levies, the head of Egypt’s real estate tax authority, Tarek Farag reportedly said.

Mr Farag apparently explained that properties valued at more than one million Egyptian pounds (£109,000) will face a duty of one per cent, although certain cheaper plots will not be charged.

Once properties have been valued, owners will have the chance to appeal against any decision they feel is unfair, the MoveChannel reports.

Expatriate and local property owners will have sixty days from the date of valuation to make a complaint.

Egypt has much to offer expatriates looking for a more exotic location.

The community services association provides contacts to healthcare professionals and doctors as well as a guide to culture, a list of cultural offerings and activities for kids.

Web archive Tour explains that Europeans populated Cairo during the Second World War.

It also notes that the climate is commonly either warm or hot and temperatures – which may prove excessive for some Europeans – can reach 43 degrees during the day.ADNFCR-1788-ID-19321127-ADNFCR

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