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British expat selling sausages to Moscow

An entrepreneurial expatriate is making his living selling sausages in Moscow, it has been reported.

In an interview published by the Daily Telegraph – prepared by Russian publication Rossiyskaya Gazeta – John Warren told the story of how he became the city’s "sausage man".

The businessman praised Russia’s "young attitude" to business for encouraging "zany and off the wall" ideas that would be dismissed in the UK.

"Russians have embraced the contemporary British banger, the more exotic the better," he told the newspaper.

He added that current experiments include making a wild boar and chocolate-flavoured sausage.

Mr Warren continued by describing his newly-frugal life following the impact of the economic crisis, noting that he no longer tries to "keep up with the Ivanovs".

According to the website for Warren’s Sausages, foreigners previously had to smuggle the delicacies into the country until Mr Warren founded the company in 2004.

In addition to outlets in shops around the city, those living outside Moscow can order the products online.

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