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Could Brexit See Resentful Brits Moving to Germany?

Following a survey conducted by credit comparison website Totally Money, Germany has come out on top as the best career destination for UK citizens in light of Brexit.

The survey compared the top 10 EU countries that Brits migrate to in regards to average salary and hours worked per week, as well as paid leave and cost of living. The UK was also included in the survey.

After the result was announced in June 2016 that the UK was to leave the EU, many disgruntled Brits began thinking about a move overseas. The number of UK citizens applying for Irish passports increased by 73% in July compared to 2016. Furthermore, New Zealand’s immigration office revealed that it received 998 registrations on the day of the result alone.

Results from the survey conducted by Totally Money ranked Germany as the best country to work in; offering an average salary of £33,000 for a working week comprising of just 26 hours and low living costs.

Some of the best paying professions in Germany include teaching (£45,269), electrical engineering (£39,957), journalism (£34,322), and design (£29,193).

In second place was France, which is famous for having a fantastic work and life balance. French workers benefit from having the highest number of paid leave days per year, coming in at 30. They also have the second shortest working week at an average of 28.5 hours, second only to winner Germany.

Spain took the third spot as a potential option for British citizens wanting to leave the country. Although the average salary was identical to the UK (£27,000) and both paid leave and hours worked were negative when compared to the UK, the cost of living in Spain is one of the lowest out of all the top EU countries for British migrants.

The UK was included in the survey and ranked in 7th place, ahead of Portugal, Greece, Ireland, and Cyprus. The UK was middle of the pack in the majority of categories but has the third highest cost of living within the countries scrutinised. The UK’s main redeeming factor was in relation to paid leave days, with the majority receiving 28, second only to France.

Of the 1,500 British citizens who took part in the survey, one third of respondents felt over-worked in the UK, and over 50% feel underpaid.

Head of Brand and Communication at Totally Money, Joe Gardiner, commented: It might inspire them to think about moving abroad, when they see they could earn more elsewhere for doing the same job they love. Sometimes a change of scene is, as they say, as good as a rest – with the added bonus of making you even more money. And with the trigger about to be pulled on Article 50, you might want to start packing your bags sooner rather than later.”

Take a look at our summary of the best and worst EU countries in regards to the results from the Totally Money survey:

Average SalarySwedenCyprus
Hours Worked Per WeekGermanyGreece
Paid Leave DaysFranceIreland/Cyprus
Cost of LivingSpainIreland


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