Best European Holiday Destinations Revealed -

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Best European Holiday Destinations Revealed

In late summer every year the tourism industry gathers for one of the world’s most glamorous and glitzy awards ceremonies.

We refer not to the Oscars or the Baftas, but the World Travel Awards. The hotly-contested awards are designed to “acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence” in the travel and tourism industry.

But besides all the bonhomie and backslapping, the awards also provide an opportunity for world travellers to identify some of the top destinations, hotels and travel companies in existence. There are a huge range of categories, meaning that even smaller providers stand a chance of appearing.

For anyone trying to make decisions about where to jet off to next year – or looking to discover new destinations they might not have considered – the winners list is a goldmine of opportunity.

Today we’re going to take a little look at the European results, in the hope that they will provide you with some inspiration for your next holiday.

Europe’s Leading Destination

In a shocking change of fate, the UK has finally lost its crown as Europe’s leading holiday destination. For the last two years the award has been won by Yorkshire, before that Edinburgh and the year before that London was the winner. For the first time in the last five years, the award for Europe’s leading destination finally steps outside the British Isles and heads to Russia; the first time that the country has won the award.

While St Petersburg has been nominated a number of times before, it wasn’t until this year that this most stunning of Russian cities finally achieved the golden crown.

Europe’s Leading Beach Destination

When it comes to European beaches it seems that Portugal has truly cornered the market. Against stiff competition from much-loved destinations like Corfu and Sardinia, The Algarve has once again been named as Europe’s leading beach destination. This isn’t the first time that Portugal has benefitted from this award; The Algarve also won in three of the last four years too.

Europe’s Leading Island Destination

Don’t feel too hard for the runners of up the previous prize though; Sardinia has successfully landed the leading island destination award this year, beating Malta, Crete and Cyprus to the prize.

So there you have it; no matter what sort of holiday you’re looking for in 2016, if you’re planning to jet off to Europe you’d be well advised to at least consider the wonders of St Petersburg, Sardinia or The Algarve, all of whom have been suitably rewarded as being at the very top of their game.

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