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Australian expats launch G'day 2009

Australian expatriates living in the UK are to launch G’dayUK 2009 to remind brits just how much opportunity there is for them in Australia.

Disappointed that many people’s only relationship with their home country is one created by a shared love of cricket, the aussie expats want UK firms to wake up to the potential that Australia has to offer.

"Everyone talks about the emerging economies of China and India, so we thought it was important to lift the profile of Australia and remind people of opportunities there," explained Philip Aiken, a senior exec living in London.

The day will be sponsored by the Australian government and will give firms from down under the chance to tout their wares and recruit UK talent.

Australia is a favourite destination for British expatriates as it shares a common language and history with the United Kingdom.

Many of the pacific island’s institutions resemble those found at home in the UK, with its healthcare provided by both local and national governments.

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