An older expatriate 'should be mindful of health' -
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An older expatriate 'should be mindful of health'

Pensioners living in an expatriate community abroad should be careful around the house, according to the National Grid and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

Kairen Sanderson from ROSPA explained that as people got older they were more likely to have accidents around the house so international health insurance is important for those living abroad.

Asked what the greatest risks facing the elderly were, she said: "Tripping downstairs, resulting in fractures, eyesight as they start to get older starts to fail so they can’t see things quite so well."

Ms Sanderson went on to say that retirees should not avoid spending money on expatriate health care despite the fact they might be suffering the negative effects of the current economic climate.

"Generally as people get older they might be a bit frightened of spending money, they want to save it for a number of reasons," she added.

Research for National Grid, carried out online by found that four per cent of people admit to having an electrical device plugged in near their bath or shower.

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