An expatriate 'should inoculate' before moving abroad -
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An expatriate 'should inoculate' before moving abroad

People moving to a long-haul destination should inoculate themselves against any probable diseases as soon as possible, according to ABTA – The Travel Association.

Sean Tipton, spokesperson from the organisation, said that anyone who is travelling to a long-haul destination should do immediate research into having an inoculation in order to protect them from illness.

"The further afield you go, it is not much more likely you are going to encounter problems but you are in a much more alien environment," he said.

Mr Tipton went on to say that more people were taking advantage of long-haul flights as their increased popularity has meant they are decreasing in cost, which may lead to growing expatriate communities in far away countries.

"The cost of flying has come down drastically in the last 40 years so it is actually affordable now to fly long haul. It would not have been years ago, it was very expensive and only the very rich could afford to do so," he added.

According to the Royal Mail Group’s Post Office Holiday Costs Barometer, Thailand is the cheapest long-haul destination.

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