An expatriate in Cyprus will not have 'a lifestyle change' -
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An expatriate in Cyprus will not have 'a lifestyle change'

People who move abroad and become an expatriate in Cyprus will not experience a huge change in lifestyle, according to

Paul Collins, property editor at the organisation, said that a British person should have no problem relocating to Cyprus as the island has a history of visitors from the UK and both countries share many customs and traditions.

"It has a very similar judicial system to English law and it has a lot of other things very similar to the UK; they drive on the left and a lot of the retail and commerce side of things are very similar to the UK as well," he said.

Mr Collins went on to say that it is relatively easy for a person to buy a property in south Cyprus but any potential expatriate should research northern Cyprus because of the political and social situation in the region.

"You need to use an independent expert lawyer to make sure that everything is in order as it should be, but then you do that in the UK anyway so that should be fine," he added.

The Cyprus Tourist Organisation reported in January 2009 that around 1.3 million British tourists visit the country every year.

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