An expatriate 'feels at home' in Cape Verde -
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An expatriate 'feels at home' in Cape Verde

British people feel comfortable becoming an expatriate in Cape Verde because they recognise the culture of the country, according to a travel writer.

Richard Trillo, co-author of the Rough Guide for West Africa, said that there is a large expatriate community in Cape Verde because British people have been buying lots of houses in Portugal and the West African country is seen as an extension.

"[British people identify with the Portuguese culture] because they have been going to the Algarve since the 1960s and there’s a long history between Portugal and Britain," he said.

Regular flights make it easy to move to Cape Verde but people should ensure they have international medical insurance before they take part in the country’s popular sporting activities.

"It’s renowned for water sports – for fantastic wind surfing and sail boarding. All those adrenaline type water sports," said Mr Trillo.

According to private bank Cater Allen, over three million people are likely to buy a property overseas within the next two years.

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