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An expatriate can expect family visits

A British expatriate living in Europe is more likely to receive visits from friends and family, according to a new investigation.

Research by Alliance & Leicester International (ALIL) revealed that an expatriate living in France will have an average of nearly ten friends or family visits every year.

Furthermore, an expatriate living in Spain and Holland can expect a visit from friends or family eight times a year.

An expatriate living outside Europe is less likely to see friends and family as those in South Africa and New Zealand will only see loved ones between two to three times a year, according to the research.

Simon Ripton, joint managing director of the international bank, said: "The research shows that British friends and family appear to favour shorter travelling times when visiting expat relatives, as opposed to experiencing more far-flung destinations.

"For those considering emigrating abroad, it appears that if you’re hoping to escape the in-laws, the answer is to move as far away as possible!"

New Zealand has been rated best for both quality of life and cost of living, according to a study by ALIL.

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