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Almost a Quarter of Brits Took No Holiday This Year

While travel may broaden the mind, it can also lighten the wallet.

This is a discovery being made by an increasing proportion of Brits who are opting to take no holidays in 2015.

While we may take some time off work (though even then many of us are failing to take our full entitlement) ever more people are choosing to spend their precious holiday time at home.

The annual ABTA Holiday Habits Report does much to reveal the secrets of how Brits are spending their holiday time. In 2011, Brits took an average of 3.9 holidays per person per year. While this might sound high, holidays don’t necessarily have to involve jetting half way round the world – even a short city break in your home country could count towards this total.

In this year’s results however that result has dropped to just 3.2 holidays per year – a drop of almost 18% over the last few years.

At the same time the number of people taking no holidays whatsoever has been slowly creeping up. In 2011 just 10% of people surveyed opted to stay at home rather than head away in their free time. This year the figure has ballooned to an astonishing 23% of Brits.

The primary reason seems to be the costs involved. And while the prices of holidays might not have increased too much in recent years, it seems that many cash-strapped Brits are still feeling the pinch and viewing holidays as an unnecessary luxury rather than an expected part of everyday life.

What is perhaps even more interesting is how the recent economic outlook has affected individuals in different income brackets. Low-income earners, for example, took considerably fewer holidays this year when compared to 2011. The number of holidays taken per person has dropped from 3 to just 1.7 – a decline of 43%.

In contrast, those at the upper end of the income scale are taking more holidays than ever before. This year they took 0.6 more holidays than in in 2011 – this year taking an average of 8 holidays per person.

Of those individuals that did decide to take a foreign holiday, 47% of holiday-makers opted for a package deal. Respondents cited the good value that such holidays offer, the convenience of having everything arranged for them and the all-inclusive nature of such package deals.

The ABTA survey also asked respondents what type of holiday they took. The two biggest winners in this respect were city breaks (54%) and beach holidays (50%). Considerably behind these two all-out winners were all inclusive holidays (18%), a trip to enjoy lakes and mountains (11%) or cruises (10%).

The least common reasons for taking a holiday were to go on a coach tour (7%), to see a music event (7%) or to watch a major sporting event (5%).

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