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Accident Lawyer Reveals Most Dangerous Holiday Destinations

resort-906102_1280Nick Harris of Simpson Millar solicitors is probably not a very popular man among holiday companies. The reason? He’s an expert at helping those injured on holiday to claim suitable compensation for the accidents that have befallen them.

As it turns out, accidents and emergencies abroad are far more common than you might imagine. So while we’d all like to think that our two weeks in the sun turn out to be the best time of the year, the reality is that a proportion of holiday-makers have their time away ruined each year.

Sometimes this is of course just bad luck, but in many cases it’s a result of poor hygiene, lax health and safety or careless staff. It’s in these situations that Mr Harris steps in.

Unsurprisingly, Mr. Harris is rather more popular among the unfortunate tourists suffering anything from food poisoning to slips, trips and falls. It is claimed that he dealt with over a thousand cases last year, so is eminently qualified to assess the most dangerous places for Brits to go on holiday.

The results are not without their surprises; one might imagine that the most common injuries to ruin a summer holiday might be dangers in far off lands. Perhaps a mugging or a stabbing in some under-developed city we’ve never heard of? Or perhaps jellyfish stings or shark bites in Australia?

Not so, according to Mr Harris, who has recently revealed which countries bring him the most business.

As it turns out the number one country leading to compensation claims are Spain, Turkey and Greece. These seemingly innocuous summer holiday destinations are, it turns out, rife with potential pitfalls.

Just a few examples of the problems that Mr Harris has encountered include balcony falls, dirty swimming pools and robberies. Motoring accidents in Greece are allegedly commonplace, while violence is not unheard of. Just as bad, Legionnaire’s Disease can occur when hotel water pipes have remained dormant over the off-season.

And while it is these European destinations which may result in most accidents, don’t be misled into thinking that long-haul destinations are any safer.

Further afield prime locations for dangers include Egypt, Cuba and the Dominican Republic; all popular locations for package holiday tours.

We all insure our cars “just incase” the worst happens. We don’t do so with the intention of having an accident. The reality is that applying similar levels of caution are also advised on holiday. Before you leave ensure you are fully covered by an international health insurance policy, don’t take unnecessary risks while away and, if the worst does happen, consider whether compensation may be applicable on your return.

May we at Expatriate Healthcare wish you well with your next holiday – but if problems occur you’ll be glad that we’ve got your back.

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